Plasma Fibrolast

$250 – $500

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Plasma Skin Tightening is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to tighten the skin. Low risk, minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. Plasma Fibroblast treats the following conditions

  • Non-Surgical Eye Lift, Crow’s Feet
  • Skin Tag Removal, Dark Spots
  • Diminution of wrinkles
  • Neck Tightening, and Lifting
  •  Lessening wrinkles at the upper lip region
  • Improves lines before the ears
  • Stretch Marks, scars and so much more.

The hand tool used for Fibroblast releases tiny plasma gleam from its edge. The plasma flash is also known as an electrical arc. The device does not have contact with the body, but the plasma gleam makes a small spot on the area of skin its application is needed. This creative innovation follows a procedure that converts solid objects into gas, otherwise known as the sublimation pro-cess. The tissue of the body that requires treatment goes through the sublima-tion process, and this does not expose any other part of the body to risk.

It takes up to four weeks for the best results to be seen and noticed after a treatment using the Plasma Fibroblast handpiece.
Fibroblast does not require the administration of anesthesia because the pro-cess involved in the non-surgical treatment does not inflict pain on the client. Organic after care ointments are also given to patients after Fibroblast treat-ments to get the best result desired.
In most cases, the nonsurgical treatment is only done once due to its effective-ness and efficiency. Another procedure can take place eight weeks after the first procedure.

The FAQ segment throws more light on what is expected to be known about the Fibroblast nonsurgical treatment and its procedures.