Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blush lip treatment?

Lip Blush is a form of a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing makeup that provides a beautiful, natural look to the lips, making them look healthier and more defined 24/7. A semi-permanent colored ink is implanted into the lips using a micro pigmentation device. This is a safe, comfortable procedure that enhances lip symmetry, covers uneven pigmentation, or scars, and gives you the illusion of bigger, younger-looking, fuller lips. This procedure includes two sessions. Lip blushing is a new way of getting your lips tattooed, that provides a more natural-lookingresult for men and women.

How Long does a Blush lip last?

Blush lips can give you the fuller lip effect that can last anywhere between 2-4 years depending on clients’ preferences in color and saturation.

What are the benefits?

Lip Blushing has multiple benefits. One of the best benefits is that saves makeup time. This treatment boosts confidence in women and men that have thin lips, pale lips, or dark lips. It is excellent for people who have had injuries to their lips or mouth that left them with scars or have a prior old tattoo that needs to be corrected

Can I have this procedure if I have lip filler

Lips fillers should be added 4 weeks before or after getting the Lip Blush procedure.

Can you make my lips bigger?

Lip Blushing will add definition, shape, and color which ultimately gives a fuller-looking look to the natural lips. There are Lip Blushing techniques that will make the illusion of bigger lips. However, the best option to add volume to the lips is getting fillers 4 weeks before or after Lip Blushing procedure. Back in the day, the ink over the lips was tattooed to make lips look bigger, this practice is outdated with a poor outcome result.

Does Lip Blush hurt?

During the entire procedure, different numbing creams and solutions are applied to ensure patients’ comfort. It is important that patients verified haven’t experienced allergic reactions to any form or anesthetics before.

Can anyone have this treatment?

Like any other form of semi-cosmetic tattooing, an assessment is required. We offer complimentary consultations online only. In-office consultation assessment has a cost of $50.Consultation can be reserved online or by calling to (305) 604 0707.

Is there downtime?

Lips can heal within 7-10 days; however, it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks to have your lips fully healed and ready for a touch-up session. After the procedure, it’s common to have some mild swelling for the first 24 to 48 hours, also the color will appear brighter, fading over up to 60% in the first 7-10 days. For patients that have had cold sores in the past, it is recommended to consult with their physician before getting this procedure. If you have additional questions, please send an email to, and don’t forget to check my before and after treatments, and positive reviews from previous clients.

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