Workshop – Eyelash Lifting Lamination


Natalia Beauty Studio instructor Natalia Magdaleno has been featured in local TV channels, Vogue Magazine to name a few and also has over fifteen years of experience in the Cosmetology Industry.



Eyelash Lifting Lamination creates the illusion of longer and fuller looking lashes in an easy procedure for both women and men. Natalia Beauty Studio will teach students taking this course how to create a soft and natural looking curl to your clients existing natural lashes. This procedure is perfect for clients who crave extra curl for their natural lashes. And for added appeal, your client’s lashes will hold their curl for approximately 4-6 weeks. Help your clients get their natural lashes curlier. The advanced technique is designed to boost and lift the lash and offer a potential alternative to extensions. It may also complement the application of lash extensions, facilitating their applications when your lashes areĀ  too straight. Learning how to accomplish a lash lift will make your clients lashes appear darker, thicker, and longer without needing any extensions, all natural. This training will also include tips on how to get the perfect before and after pictures to insure your social media and website are always showing off your beautiful work.This class is available in two languages English, and Spanish.




This one-day 6 hours workshop Includes:

  • Training Manual.
  • Consent Forms.
  • Sanitation.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Lash Lift Lamination & Perm Technique.
  • Best Practice for desired curl, B,C,D, L.
  • Lash Tint & HennaTechnique.
  • Lash Lift Lamination Kit.
  • Lash maintenance and client aftercare.
  • Hands-on in live model practice.
  • Product & supplies resources.
  • Marketing.
  • Certificate.



Prior Cosmetologist training is required in order to participate in this course. The rules and regulations for this course is taught according to Florida state. For student’s traveling from different countries or states, it is your responsibility to research your own state or city regulations for Cosmetologists. VERY IMPORTANT: Trainees with a career in mind must be licensed in health or beauty or be a student currently enrolled in a licensure program. While others may participate in the training as a hobby, please note that the State of Florida, as with most states, requires practitioners to hold a health or beauty license if they intend to charge a fee for services.