What Every First-Timer Must Know Before Having A Spray Tan

Evenly-tanned skin is eye-catching but achieving it naturally may take a long time to provide the best outcomes. Because of its popularity, a lot of skin-conscious individuals aim for tanned skin minus the idea of basking under the sun for hours. The introduction of spray tans offers a great solution to this situation. This is not only an answer to UV ray concerns but a perfect one for that matter. So, if having a glorious tan is your goal and it is your first time to have one, here are some helpful ideas that may be useful to you.

Skin preparation is very important before undergoing the procedure


Just like any other procedure that involves aesthetic results, skin preparation is a must with a spray tan. This includes shaving, exfoliating and showering the night before your scheduled tanning. This is done to get rid of excess hair and dead skin that may affect the result of the process. However, there are certain skin moisturizers that may not be used unless provided by the tanning salon. You have to check on that. Avoid antiperspirants and deodorants before your schedule so as to avoid uneven absorption of the spray tan.

Results may vary depending on a set of factors

Like most skin tanning sprays, yours may last for 5-7 days but this will also depend on you. The brand to be used and how well it will be applied on the skin will play a great impact on these results as well. The color will not just fall off but it will slowly fade as your skin regenerates to reveal new skin. There is nothing to worry about as there are certain products that could be applied on your skin to prolong its effect. Just make sure that it is a product recommended by your tanning specialist. That is, if you want the color to stay longer.

Having a skin care regimen is crucial

A regimen that should not be omitted in your skin care list is the regular application of lotion or moisturizer. This is to maintain proper skin hydration thus preventing skin moisture loss. A well-moisturized skin keeps the tan longer because premature exfoliation is prevented. Beauty experts also advise patting instead of scrubbing after getting out of the shower.

Body scrubs as well as the use of washcloths should be avoided. Forget about getting a dip in chlorinated swimming pools as this will also lead to problems. Use shower gels instead of bar soaps to clean your skin. For your skin protection, use a sunblock as tanning sprays do not contain SPF.

Know what to expect before, during and after the process

Expect a sticky feeling during and a few minutes after the tanning procedure. The coloring may also stain your clothes so it is best to wear tongs. Don’t fret if you don’t appear bronzed up as you get out of the tanning booth as its true shade will appear after 8-12 hours. To some, its desired outcome is achieved after a day. Be prepared to smell stinky but this will only be after the tanning session and this is brought about by the reaction of the chemicals and your body.

What you should remember

By following these simple but useful tips, having sun-kissed skin can be achieved without much effort. Add to that, undesirable effects will be avoided. Just make it a point to have it done in a highly recommended tanning salon and you’ll surely love its results. Book an appointment with us for spray tanning in Miami Beach. With us, you can be sure you will get the results you want from this service!


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