Workshop – Hyaluron Pen




Here at Natalia Beauty Studio we would like to share with you our vast knowledge of needle-free filling and facial contouring using the hyaluron pen injection method. The training will include learning material such as, descriptions of the device’s technology and mechanics, information of the processes occurring in the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin during and after treatment, accurate treatment protocols and proposed therapies and guided and practical applications of hyaluron pen injection on models. Natalia Beauty Studio will have each and everyone of her students with the ability to fill and contour the face, lips using the Hyaluron pen.This training will also include tips on how to get the perfect before and after pictures to insure your social media and website are always showing off your beautiful work. This class is available in both spanish and english.

Natalia Beauty Studio instructor Natalia Magdaleno has been featured in local TV channel, Vogue Magazine to name a few and also has over twenty years of experience with skin care and cosmetology.



This one-day 6 hours workshop Includes:

  • Training Manual
  • Hyaluron Lip Pump Pen
  • 3 boxes of filler
  • Ampoule
  • Supplies to do up to 3 clients.
  • Hands on live model
  • Product Knowledge
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Client Consultation
  • Lip Mapping
  • Lip Shaping
  • Filler Distribution
  • Hyaluron Pen Positioning for best results
  • Product & supplies resources
  • Before & After Care
  • Consent Forms