Top Tips for Eyelash Care

Most women dream of having full, long, and luscious eyelashes with just the perfect curl. But apart from playing an aesthetic role, our eyelashes also serve a very important part in keeping our eyes healthy and problem-free. They are responsible for the all-important blinking reflex that protects our eyes from foreign bodies and therefore keep infections at bay.

Getting a professional eyelash lift in Miami Beach provides a perfect solution to dull and downward-facing lashes, helping you make the ultimate first impression. But in the long run, we need to take exceptional care of our lashes and keep them naturally healthy and sexy.

The passing of time and a host of bad habits take their toll on them if we’re not careful. Here are a few important points to help you keep your lashes in tip top condition:

Work from the inside out


Dietary habits have a remarkable impact on the quality and density of your eyelashes. Just like the hair on your head, they need proper nutrition in order to thrive. Iron is very helpful in the general growth of hair and is found in sufficient quantities in dark green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D has been shown to minimize hair loss and can be found in various cheeses and in seafood.


Observing proper hygiene is extremely essential in taking care of our eyelashes. Remember that most make-up formulas are waterproof and so to completely wash off mascara, use a gentle cleanser such as baby shampoo. Cleansing should be a daily routine carried out before going to sleep, ensuring that the lashes get a break from the chemicals found in make-up and also keep the eyes free from inflammation. When cleansing the lashes, always remember to use one clean cotton roll per eye to avoid cross-contamination.

Check product ingredients

Various chemical ingredients in make-up, conditioners and shampoos have a negative effect on lashes. For example, ethyl alcohol has a drying effect on hair consequently you should avoid any product that has it listed because dry hair is brittle and thus prone to breakage.

Keep in mind that products that promise longer life tend to have more hazardous content than the ones that easily wash of.

Proper use of lash curlers

Avoid sharing anything that comes into contact with the eyes and always disinfect curlers before use. Additionally, keep the curling session short, at most 5 minutes and avoid tugging at the eyelashes to prevent breakage.

Eyelash TLC

Eyelashes are extremely fragile and their roots particularly sensitive. Such habits as rubbing the eyes, use of harsh chemicals and sleeping in mascara are bound to cause breakage and should be avoided at all cost. If your eyes are constantly itchy it would be wise to see a specialist as this signals an underlying problem.

Use a moisturizer after cleansing because lashes, like any other body hair, thrive on peptide enhancement that results from moisturized conditioning. If you use mascara on a daily basis, your lashes might benefit from the application of a primer as a conditioning base to help them withstand the chemicals.

Make-up break

The nightly breaks your eyelashes get after proper cleansing are important but by no means sufficient. Every so often, you may need to take a week-long break to give this hair time to recover from all the elements to which it is exposed from day to day.

Applying these simple tips should have you enjoying healthier, longer and fuller eyelashes in no time. The key is in making them a lifetime habit so as to ensure that the effect is permanent and we never have to struggle with thinning or falling lashes ever again.

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