Spray Tanning



A touch of color makes you look and feel instantly sexy and lets you get away with
 wearing less make-up. Having a healthy glow makes teeth appear whiter and has
 slimming effects, hides cellulite and skin imperfections.

Aviva Lab Organic Spray Tan offers an odorless, luxury spray on tan that is applied and
 dries in less than five minutes, giving you a beautiful, flawless natural glow.

Aviva Lab Organic Spray Tan works with the top layer of the skin and will fade like a real
 tan from the sun after 7 to 10 days. It works perfectly on all skin types giving it a perfect
 streak free, sun kiss look, without the sticky feeling or orange streaky artificial color. No
more smelling or fake tanning treatments.

  • Full Body Spray Tan


  • Express Spray


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    Airbrush Tanning

    • Full body Airbrush Tanning (includes face)


    • Aviva Express Tanning (includes face)


    • Spray Bronzer or Booster


    • Touch-up (during the next 24 hours)


    Tanning Removal

    The Self-Tanner Removal Treatment gently removes any self-tanner solution from your skin without causing any irritation.  Leaves skin smooth and hydrated.  Aloe Vera and Chamomile leave your skin silky smooth and ready for your next sunless tanning application.

    • Hands or Feet


    • Full Body


    Preparing for your Tan

    • Shower the morning of your appointment.
    • Make sure to lightly exfoliate your entire body. Do Not Use An Oil Based exfoliant.
    • Shave at least 8 hours before your appointment.
    • DO NOT apply moisturizer until after your post tanning shower. Lotions can act as a barrier & prevent the sun spray from contacting your skin.
    • Wear loose fitting clothing or a sundress along with sandals.
    • Wear a dark colored bathing suit or garment of preference to be tanned in; the spray tan solution washes out of most clothing.
    • Actual Turbo Spray tanning takes about 5 minutes, but you will need to allow aditional 5 minutes of drying time.

    After Spray Tanning treatment Do’s and Don’ts

    • No showering, bathing, perspiring or swimming for 6 hours after your tan is applied.
    • Do not wash your hands.
    • Do not put tight clothing for at least 4 hours.
    • Do not apply moisturizer, or perfume.
    • When showering or bathing is normal for some of the initial bronzer to wash off.
    • Avoid long hot showers and baths.
    • Daily moisturizing directly after showering will extend the life of your tan.
    • Lotions with Alpha Hydroxy acids are used to increase exfoliation, thereby fading your tan.
    • Chlorine from a pool or Jacuzzi can cause your tan to fade faster.
    • To remove the remaining of the tan shower and rub vigorously with a washcloth while your skin is wet.
    • For fast, even tanning removal, try our self-tan removal service.