Microblading versus Eyebrow Tattooing: Which between These Two is better?

There are two precise methods when it comes to eyebrows tattooing. The more dated and easier option is the eyebrow tattoo. While the latest one and more complex manual version is known as microblading.

Right here at our office, we are experts at carrying out any of both techniques. Below, we will offer a guide discussing about Microblading versus Eyebrows Tattooing.

Eyebrows Tattooing: This is a process that involves implanting pigment within the eyebrows with a handmade machine or tool. The procedure is a continuous filling in of pigment within the candidate’s skin, which helps create a solid eyebrow shape. This process provides you great look and form depending on the technician involved. We can also say that the result is unnatural as any person merely looking at you will recognize that you have a tattoo on your eyebrows.

Microbalding: On the other hand, this procedure can also be referred to as micro stroking. It involves a process of embroidering the eyebrows utilizing an exceptionally fine & thin row of needles to generate marks within the skin that appears just as eyebrows. We can say this semi-permanent method is completely safe and secure. Some experts refer to this procedure also as feathering eyebrows. With a single application, it could last about 12 to 18 months.

The stability of this technique depends on the quality of pigment involved & the blade depth piercing skin.

Advantages of Microblading:

  • The process of Microblading procedure is quite less painful when contrasted with traditional eyebrow tattoo techniques.
  • Also the process produces eyebrows that appear lush and natural, and the end result appears so real.
  • It is a process that makes people unable to distinguish the difference between your natural hair & the one from microblading.
  • The process does not require the use of a machine hence making microblading more comfortable.
  • Microblading can be said to be semi-permanent and you can alter the shape of eyebrow much easier than eyebrow tattoo.

Does the process hurt? Prior to starting a microblading session, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the region so as to reduce discomfort, and then followed by a liquid anesthetic. Though you might feel a bit of discomfort however it is almost painless.

Is microblading for specific candidates? Absolutely, it is meant for everybody, though there are a few contraindications that may necessitate a doctor’s note so as to perform the treatment. Such notes may pertain to Cancer, Hepatitis and Hemophilia cases.

For safety reasons, microblading would not be performed if a candidate is pregnant or nursing.

Why Is Professional Microblading Training So Essential? It simply is the creative art of producing a naturally beautiful looking eyebrow with crispy, hair-like strokes. It is important that microblading providers have some sort of training and background from competent trainers in skin care and pigment procedures.   When you are well trained, it will lead to certification that will allow you practice professionally.

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