How To Minimize Irritations With Eyelash Extensions

It is every woman’s wish to have a perfect pair of eyelashes as it provides additional self-confidence. But what if you are not fortunate enough to have those much-envied lashes? A solution that you may consider is to go to a popular salon to undergo an eyelash extension service. But before rushing into this, it is recommended to have ample knowledge on how to prevent eye irritations that go with the procedure. Here are some guidelines that will help you with this concern. You have to remember that these tips have to be taken into consideration before, during and after the process.

Be familiar with materials used in the process

Having an idea regarding the materials to be used is a good way to begin with. Since not all salons use the same primers, adhesives and eye pads, it is suggested to have a chat with the salon attendant before sitting down on their chair and having eyelash extensions. The main purpose of doing so is getting insights about materials they use in the process. With this, you may be able to check if you have an allergy to certain components. Reputable salons are more than willing to do this to protect their clients.

Keep your eyes closed during the procedure


The entire process does not require a long time but you need to be patient in closing your eyes. Have in mind that adhesives will be used in the process. Failure to keep your eyes closed may allow fumes to enter your eyes particularly during the curing stage. This may result to stinging, burning and tearing sensations. Be warned of this as it is a sign of allergic reaction that cannot be ignored.

Use a handheld fan

A sensible way to lessen irritation is to use a handheld fan ready. You may also ask your lash stylist to provide a desk fan during the drying process. Have it directed to an angle where you are most comfortable but be reminded though that the purpose of this is to create a cross wind that should blow across the eyes and away from you.

Rinse before you leave

To make sure that your lashes are germ-free, proper washing must be done before you leave. Though highly trained lash technicians follow sterile methods, it is still a good idea to wash with the recommended solution. This is to remove any microorganism or residues that may cause untoward reactions later.

Avoid oil-based products

Leaving the salon does not mean your eyes will be prevented from irritations after undergoing eyelash extensions. Using products that contain oil especially around the eye area may cause eyelash glue breakdown and this may eventually result to irritation. Eye make-up removers should also be oil-free. Using minimal eyeliner eases you of the trouble of removing it with greasy products.

Protect your eyes as you sleep

As much as possible, avoid pressing your face into the pillow as this may result to tangling, tugging and falling off of your eyelash extensions. Extensions get damaged due to improper sleeping positions and this may not be limited to the lashes but to the lids where they are attached as well.

Having eyelash extensions is appealing and self-fulfilling. Just make sure that it is right for you and your   schedule allows you to take good care of it. Opt to go to a trained lash technician to achieve the best and safest results. Looking for eyelash extensions in Miami Beach? Visit us and see how we will make your eyelash extensions work to give you that confidence boost that you need without any irritation getting in the way!


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