How To Maintain Your Micro Blading Results

Blading is definitely one of the best self-grooming ideas in improving your looks. Beautifying your face not only keeps you aglow but boosts your confidence as well. Your brows, in particular, are your greatest accessories as they contribute to your overall looks. Whether you love them feathered and full or perfectly arched, they are important. While, there are other options like gels, tattooing, and powers, nothing out there can measure to micro blading in delivering semi-permanent results with minimal upkeep and grooming.

Micro blading refers to embroidery of small, precise strokes which mimic the effect of natural hairs with the use of a special microblading pen to draw the strokes. With that in mind, here is what you need to know before you make your appointment for eyebrows microblading in Miami Beach.

Do Your Prep Work


Taking some necessary precautions before reaching out to your beautician is important. First, make sure you avoid waxing or plucking your brows to enable the beautician to make the new brow shape based on the current measurements. 72 hours before the appointment, keep off exfoliators. Avoid other skin care products containing glycolic acids like RetinA, Renova, and alpha as they can inflame the skin by making them more sensitive. This may lead to bleeding during the procedure. Most notably, pregnant, nursing and diabetic client should not try the procedure at all.

Do Communicate With Your Beautician

The technician takes six key measurements of the brow bone based on your face structure to achieve your desired target. Since your technician has the final say, it is important to let them know what you prefer so you do not end up dissatisfied. That is why speaking your mind is the first step to enjoying satisfactory services.

Do Take Proper Care Of Post-Application

After the procedure, to maintain your appealing brows, you have to religiously stick to some rules. To begin with, for a minimum of ten days after a successful procedure, do not use skin care products and makeup in the area. Touching, peeling, scratching and peeling the area is strictly prohibited except for rinsing or the application client-specific post care cream with a cotton swab.

Other things to avoid include tanning, exposure to direct sunlight, increased sweating due to exercise and swimming for 10 days or as recommended. After this, apply a layer of SPF 30-50 sunscreen on the brows to prevent fading when exposed to sunlight.

Do Not Be Unrealistic About The Results

While micro blading presents a magical opportunity to transform your brows, always keep in mind that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution since it is temporary. The initially sharp strokes will overtime soften and migrate into the skin. If you successfully undergo the two-step procedure, you will reach your desired targets. Also, the outcome heavily relies on the type of skin. Extremely oily skin, thicker skin, larger pores and eyebrow keratosis can affect pigment absorption.

Do Not Overdo It

Naturally, if you want to look good, you wildly unleash all your energy and channel it all to the cause. However, keep in mind that too much of something is poisonous. As cliché as this sounds, it is appropriately applied in this sense. While it is safe to get an application after a month depending on how fast your skin heals, 8 to 18 months is the ideal timeframe before trying another application.

Pick The Right Beautician

Sometimes, you can have everything in place but if you approach the wrong person, you will painfully get it wrong and end up disappointed. To figure out if the beautician you prefer is competent enough, gather some information on his or her previous services on social media platforms by glancing at photos of healed work or real testimonials from previous clients. Also, a good beautician offering eyebrows microblading in Miami Beach should have some set-out rules and standard charges. Therefore, do not go it blindly.


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