How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

As an eyelash extension user, you want it to last as long as possible, right? One of the challenges is knowing how to clean them after the eyelashes have suddenly fallen off. First, know that it is important to clean your lash extensions. Incorrect cleaning techniques or avoiding cleaning them entirely can cause complications where lashes do not last as they should. Not cleaning your lash extensions also lead to infections, poor lash health and irritations.

Lash Cleansing Do’s

Water is one of the things you should never avoid. It is important to clean your eyelash extensions, since once the eyelash extensions are cured, they become relatively waterproof. That is why you have to make sure you clean them thoroughly to avoid any problems.

Next, if you have poor eyelid hygiene, you may be affected by Blepharitis. This is an inflammation of the eyelid and it can entail an unpleasant experience. When unwashed dead skin cells build up on the eyelids, they end up causing inflammation and itchiness. That is why your eyelids feel itchy and your hair follicles get blocked.

On top of that, they can end up looking a bit red and sore. While rubbing your eyes, you will play with the extensions till they start to fall off. With a proper cleaning approach, eyes feel better and that means their extensions will last longer. If you have thick eyelash extensions, it is even worse since it is almost impossible to clean them well.

Another reason is if you have an oily complexion or you are into the habit of regularly wearing moisture and wake up, some oil may end up on your eyelash extensions. If you irregularly wash them, the oil builds up and can begin eating away the eyelash adhesives. To clean your extensions properly, being gentle is the key to doing things. Wetting them will not make them fall off but rubbing them vigorously can.

How Do I Clean Eyelash Extensions?


Cleaning eyelash extensions should be an effortless process, provided you do it right. First, get rid of all make up using oil and glycol-free makeup remover. Then, take off the eyeliner using a cotton tip dipped in remover and wipe it across or away from the lid. Always be cautious to never do it on your extensions as this may have a negative impact. Avoid use of cotton since they will catch on the base of the extensions.

Before washing your eyes, rid yourself of heavy foundation. Use a cleanser but avoid the eye area. Some cleansers do have oil which may affect the eye. The next step is wetting your eyes with cool water. Take a small amount of lash shampoo and lather it on your palm. Do this for both eyes: splashing it over them, one at a time. Avoid vigorous rubbing. Gently splash over your closed eyes. Rinse it off followed by a gentle dab. Once you brush them, they will separate. Finally, use your lash wand to gently twirl through them.

With these easy-to-grasp steps, you are definitely a notch higher when it comes to cleaning your eyelash extensions carefully. Remember to pay extra attention to every detail in the process as well. You will even avoid hefty eyelash replacement costs since they will last longer.

Give Your Local Salon A Call

Shops that specialize in eyelash extensions in Miami Beach will often focus on providing a safe and personalized eyelash extension services. Whether you are looking to get traditional lashes or multi-lash lashes, it is not difficult to achieve a natural-looking appearance, providing you with an easy-to-care-for eyelash beauty solution.

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