Get Perfectly Shaped Bold Brows With These Tips!

For many women, getting their eyebrows shaped nicely can be a challenge at times. How we all wish we can just use the eyebrow pencil and just follow the contour of our eyebrows when doing so. But it is not that easy. It requires looking for options that will help you achieve those perfectly-shaped, bold brows that you have always wanted to have. Here is how you will be able to get that.

Always have a good eyebrow pencil with you

This will guarantee you will get the shape you best desire for your brow – whether you have thin eyebrows as a result of over-tweezing or you have thick brows that have not experienced any tweezing at all. Once you have that ready, you can proceed to getting those perfectly shaped brows.

Remove hairs outside of the desired shape

If you have created the shape that you want using the eyebrow pencil and other tools like a straightedge that you have used in the process, you may notice that there are hairs seeming to peek outside of the desired shape you want. In this case, you should remove those excess hairs. Methods like tweezing is very popular. You can use professional slanted nose tweezers for that. You can also choose to undergo threading and waxing to remove any excess hair. It will be good to use cooling solutions to prevent any redness or irritation from the hair removal process.

Try semi-permanent solutions

Brow pencils are used for daily touchups. But if you are looking for semi-permanent solutions then you have the following options to consider:

  • Eyebrow extension application. This solution is one wherein existing eyebrow is extended then will be shaped using synthetic eyebrow extensions. These extensions are placed carefully with each individual extension applied using a medical grade adhesive. This adhesive is great for bonding the hair to that of the skin. These semi-permanent solutions can last for up to two weeks and will require regular maintenance to make sure that the brow’s shape will always look good.
  • Microblading. This is otherwise known as a semi-permanent makeup tattoo to get the perfect shape for your brows. The technique is performed with the use of a fine blade that will help create hair-like strokes on the brows. The good thing about this process is it will create those strokes as if the makeup will result to natural looking hairs on your brows. Results can last anywhere from one to three years if you choose this solution.

Try eyebrow embroidery

Promising to give you fuller, bolder brows is no less than this latest innovation called eyebrow embroidery. This specifically meets the needs of those of you who have over-tweezed your eyebrows. While the process has been popular in several Asian countries for quite some time, it also has gained popularity just recently in the United States. It works like tattooing but it involves the use of needles to implant pigments underneath the skin. As an end result, you will achieve the volume you want for your brows and make it look naturally bolder and thicker than before.

Ask the help of experts

Nothing defeats the expertise of professionals when it comes to performing any of the tasks above to get you those perfectly-shaped, bold brows that you have always wanted. They know the latest trends and innovations that will guarantee you no less than satisfaction after visiting them. You simply have to explore for options that can be found nearest you.

Looking for eyebrows embroidery in Miami Beach? Visit us today! We will explain how the process goes before you even undergo one. Once you have undergone the process, you can be sure that your eyebrows will look far better than they did before.

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