Don’t Neglect Taking Care Of Your Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on our faces. They prevent dust from entering our eyes and also redirect rain and sweat away from our eyes. They also play an important role in accentuating our faces and giving definition to our eyes and foreheads. It has become a common belief that the type and shape of eyebrows define a person’s personality.

People with straight eyebrows are said to be logical and practical while curved eyebrows indicate a more social and outgoing personality. All in all, it is important to look after your eyebrows and to make sure you keep them neat and well kept. Having well defined eyebrows makes you look polished and beautiful.

Eyebrow embroidery in Miami Beach specializes in giving the best care for your eyebrows. You need to look for a group of highly skilled beauticians and make-up professionals that will take care of all your needs. When it comes to grooming your eyebrows, less is more so make sure to always keep it as natural as possible.

When you neglect your eyebrows, you start to look much older than your actual age. You also lose some face definition as your facial features start to appear much smaller or larger and you face appears to have lost some of its glow. Don’t neglect taking good care of your brows because they play an important role in your overall appearance and can also be used to communicate your personality type. Here are some of the benefits of having well trimmed, shaped and filled eyebrows.

Have a balanced facial shape

Many people don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face and that is perfectly fine. Even so, most aim to have one and one of the easiest ways to do that is by having well structured eyebrows that are well defined and symmetrical in nature. If you keep your eyebrows unattended and asymmetrical, you run the risk of one eye looking larger than the other which may throw off your facial balance.

Appear more beautiful

Without regular care, you eyebrows may start to look unkempt and bushy. Well groomed brows will give you a more polished look and you will look so much better even when you decide to go without make up.

Correct minor flaws


You can use your eyebrows to correct some minor flaws, like having small eyes. The correct eyebrow shape can give your face more definition and can also draw attention to the upper portion of the face removing the attention from the imperfections of the lower portion of the face.

Change the shape of the face

You can’t change the original shape of your face, but you can play around with your eyebrows which in turn change the shape of your face. If you want to give the illusion of a shorter face shape, you can use a flat eyebrow shape to do that.  Flat eyebrows also make longer faces appear shorter creating a more balanced facial look.

You’ll look much younger

When you have well groomed and tidy eye brows, it gives you a much younger looking appearance. Good eyebrows make your face look youthful and refined even when you’re not wearing make-up. Also no amount of makeup can cover up having bad eyebrows. Well plucked brows give your face a lift which in turn makes your eyes look larger and more youthful.

Give a good frame to your eyes

When your eyebrows are well groomed, it gives good frame and flatters your eyes really well. Unkempt brows and the wrong brow shape can make you look aged, angry or tired. You will have to check which brow shape suits you best depending on your eye shape and shape of your face. You may also look into current brow trends and shapes to see if there is anything that may work for you.

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