Can A Spray Tan Turn You Orange?

Many people will never think of entertaining the idea of having a tan that leaves them looking orange. Simply put, your client cherishes a tan that looks like they have just returned from a vacation at the beach. They want a slight healthy difference on the skin, one which their friends will not easily notice, and if there is one, it should not be embarrassing like getting an orange tan. But have you ever wondered why a tan can turn orange? There are two factors why your tan may turn orange: poorly treated DHA and how your skin reacts to tanning.

Poorly Treated DHA

One thing you need to keep a close eye on is DHA. Since it is very powerful, it can tan the skin easily. So, you need to make sure you balance out the level of DHA with the rest of the ingredients in the mixture to prevent your skin from becoming saturated and eventually turn orange. It is strange: too little and you do not get tanned, too much and you will turn orange. That is why finding the right balance is challenging, but you can do it if you are determined.

Easily Burnt, Easily Tanned.


Follow the set guidelines that estheticians use to determine how easily the skin burns when exposed to sunlight is since it is helpful in this sense. The checklist goes a long way to determine the type of skin so you do not miss the mark. Some important questions to keep in mind include:

  • Do you have freckles or light hair?
  • Can you get a tan without causing your skin to peel?

Since DHA reacts with the skin in the same way the sun does, the tanning scale is useful in determining what type and how much of the tanning solution to use. The easier a person burns, the easier his or her skin will tan, meaning the easier they will turn orange if they are not careful.

In most cases, spray tanning turns your skin to orange because of human error. Here are a few key aspects to keep an eye to ensure you do not turn orange:

Use The Right Solution

Different skin tones react differently to varied solutions, so you should ensure you use the right solution. It is recommended you choose a solution that is friendly to your natural skin. This will help you avoid ending up with a huge contrast between natural skin tones and spray tan. In fact, spraying a client with a overly dark solution can bring in extreme contrast.

Following Tan Instructions

Make sure you carefully follow your formula’s application tips and application instructions. Most companies only recommend 1-2 coats of solution for each client as over-applying may lead to complications. Never apply the solution repeatedly thinking the one coat isn’t enough. Too much solution will lead to an annoying orange tint.

Application is also a key aspect when it comes to preventing the irritating orange tan. You need to pay more attention to areas such as elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet. You should also avoid heavy application on drier areas that are prone to the buildup of dangerous products.

Always go easy in areas such as the ankles and wrists. Be extra cautious to apply the right preparation product. Apply barrier cream to dry areas for minimal DHA penetration on the skin. PH balancing spray should be applied to the body to guarantee a cleansed surface ready for tan application.

Choose Tanning Services That Can Provide An Experience You Will Appreciate 

With a diversity of colors to suit both women and men of all skin types, it’s possible to get a perfect service when you seek a natural-looking tan. Experts who offer spray tanning in Miami Beach have cutting edge equipment to bring the tan of your dreams to life. The approach, encounter, and detail will offer a spray tan custom-tuned to your preference and skin type so talk to us today and find out more.

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